Booking Appointments

To make a booking please contact our Clinic Manager Annemarie O’Donoghue on 

087 689 3664 or 

Due to the demand for appointments we operate a scheduling system according to the following principles:

  • We plan our schedules in 3-month blocks, and begin to take bookings for these 1 month in advance (e.g. end of November 2023 for bookings from January to March 2024)
  • We are happy to block book weekly sessions for these 3 month blocks and will prioritise our regular clients for consecutive blocks, unless there is a problem with recurrent cancellations, in which case you may lose your appointment slot.
  • Before you commit to a booking please refer to the below section on Cancellation Fees. 


barefootphysio Intensives

3-Hour Multidisciplinary Intensive €250

3-Hour Physiotherapy-Only Intensive €300


Physiotherapy Fees

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment €80

Senior Physiotherapy Session (45 mins) €70

Physiotherapy Session (45 mins) €60

Physiotherapy Short Review (30 mins) €50

Physiotherapy Home/School Visit (45 mins) €90 plus travel time (limited availability)


Manual & Sports Injury Therapy Fees

Manual/Sports Injury Therapy Session (45 mins) €50

Manual/Sports Injury Therapy Session (60 mins) €60

Paediatric Manual Therapy Session (30 mins) €35

Paediatric Manual Therapy Session (45 mins) €50

Paediatric Manual Therapy Home Visit (45 mins) €70 plus travel time (limited availability)


Personal Training Fees

Personal Training Session (30 mins) €30

Personal Training Session (45 mins) €40

Personal Training Session (60 mins) €50

Discounts available for variety of 6-week packages

Receipts, Tax Deductions & Insurance Cover

Following payment you will automatically be issued with a receipt via email for the individual services you have received. These receipts should contain all of the information you require for a tax deduction or health insurance claim. It is your responsibility to keep your receipts and requests for additional copies will incur a €10 administration charge, payable in advance. We are unable to facilitate requests for a separate collated annual receipt.

Physiotherapy fees are a medical expense and therefore tax deductible. You will require a MED 1 Form and will need to keep your physiotherapy receipts. The tax office also requires a medical letter of referral (GP or Consultant).

Please check your health insurance policy for details on cover for Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy, Sports Injury Therapy, Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, etc.

Cancellation Fees

We acknowledge and understand that many of our clients have underlying medical conditions which cause regular illness and that this may result in last minute cancellations, sometimes on a  frequent basis. We empathise with this situation and accordingly have been reluctant to introduce a cancellation fee to date. However, due to the high rate of appointment cancellations (up to 20% of bookings on a regular week) it is not possible to provide security of income and employment to our highly skilled and dedicated staff without applying a fee for late cancellations. This is because, without sufficient notice, another client cannot be notified in sufficient time to take the session time which you have booked.

Therefore as of January 2023 we have decided to implement the following cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation 2 working days prior to appointment: No charge 
  • Cancellation before 5pm 1 working day prior to appointment: 50% of fee 
  • Cancellation on the day: 100% of fee

The cancellation fee will be applied to your Account Statement on our booking system and charged on the next payment date (either at the next therapy session or the next monthly payment [for regular clients]).